Failing to check for errors and problems before a file is sent to Kgraphics will result in additonal costs for file editing or resetting the job entirely! What follows is a checklist to help you with preflight to correct errors before you send your files.

Preflight Checklist

  1. Spelling - Spell check all documents to ensure later corrections will not be necessary. It will also help you to check the names of people and cities for proper spelling.
  2. Proofread - Check all important information, including your address and phone number.
  3. Fonts and Images - Include all fonts and images used in your file to ensure proper output. Include all printer fonts used.
  4. Hard Copy - When possible include a printout of the final version of your document. When sending files online, please include a PDF file with fonts embedded for preview.
  5. Inappropriate Format - Make sure all your images are in an EPS or TIFF format. JPEG, GIF, BMP and other formats are not designed for high quality output.
  6. Low Resolution Graphics - Check the image resolution of your graphics. No less than 300 dpi for a quality output. Images from the web (72 dpi) will not output properly on high resolution equipment.
  7. Font Styles - Using the tool bar to change to bold or italic is convenient, but it may cause printing problems. Use the bold versions of fonts when available.
  8. Incorrect Colors - All colors in your files must be CMYK or specified PMS colors. It is a good idea to delete any unused colors in your document or graphics.
  9. Inappropriate Program - See our Preferred Software list. Certain programs may be inexpensive and easy to use, or come included with your system, but using these programs will result in additional prep charges.
  10. Incomplete Information - By not providing us with complete specifications of your job, it may not come out the way you expect. Color separations, paper stock, ink colors and quantities are all necessary when ordering and when requesting a job estimate.

Submitting your file

You've completed the Preflight Checklist and now you're ready to send your job files to Kgraphics, But wait! There's one more step:

Collect all Fonts and Images required for the job.

Kgraphics accepts files delivered online and on most types of media, including but not limited to: